April 17, 2024

Bitget and Cornix Announce a New Partnership

In an exciting development for crypto enthusiasts and traders alike, Bitget and Cornix have launched a solid new integration between the two platforms. This collaboration intends to enhance the trading experience and actual results and further democratize automated trading solutions for retail traders.

This new API combines the cutting-edge trading platform of the Bitget exchange with our advanced trading bots and automated tools, offering new possibilities for crypto traders to harvest everything automation offers, fine-tune strategies, improve ROIs, and mitigate the inherited risks of the dynamic crypto markets.

Cornix, for those who are unfamiliar with our trading platform, is a leading supplier of reliable crypto bots and other automated trading tools. We aim to make crypto trading easy, efficient, and profitable for retail traders at all levels. With our collection of built-in crypto bots, a wide range of supported trading strategies, and various portfolio management and risk allocation tools, we strive to make your trading experience as simple as possible while helping you improve your bottom line. Here at Cornix, we believe that with the right tools, you can trade responsibly and maximize your profitability without taking unnecessary risks.  

Bitget is an acclaimed cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018. It’s known for its stringent security protocols and advanced trading features, such as non-custodial trading of NFTs and Ordinals. With over 700 cryptocurrencies available for trading, over 20 million users worldwide, and an average daily volume of over $10B, Bitget is one of the most liquid exchanges in the world of cryptos. This, coupled with its simple and intuitive interface and advanced web3 wallet that supports almost all types of assets and trades, has made Bitget one of the most popular exchanges and the go-to platform for many experienced and novice traders worldwide.

This new partnership is more than just another collaboration. It’s a powerful incorporation between two complimentary platforms, each at the top of their niche. Through this integration, traders can trade almost any cryptocurrency automatically, but more importantly, with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Whether you are an active day trader, a long-term investor, or both, this pairing promises to equip you with all the tools you need to trade successfully in changing market conditions and seize potential opportunities as soon as they arise.   

One notable advantage (out of many) derived from this new joint venture with Bitget is the quick and seamless connectivity between the two platforms. Now, traders can effortlessly connect their Bitget account to our wide range of crypto bots in a matter of seconds, arguably the safest way available today. 

The first step of the process to create API keys that connect your Cornix bots and your Bitget account is to log into the Cornix Web Dashboard. Once you have logged into the Cornix platform, select the “Accounts and Groups” tab, and then continue by selecting the “Create Account” button highlighted in the screen’s top right corner. Then, choose the “Quick Connect” option and click on the blue button that says “Connect to Bitget”. After pressing the “Next” button, you will arrive at the next step: the security verification to create the necessary API keys. Once that is complete, you’ll be assigned with two types of exchange accounts, for Spot and Futures, that collectively support almost all kinds of trading methods. 

This enhanced level of integration between the two platforms minimizes security risks and ensures faster execution than before. With this upgraded pace of performance, crypto traders can now maximize their trading strategies’ full potential.

Our integration with Bitget makes it the ninth major CEX to partner with us, joining other industry giants like Binance, Bybit, KuCoin, OKX, etc. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to setting a new standard for fully automatic crypto trading by fortifying our connectivity and adding new features to amplify your trading experience and results.

So, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to optimize your trading experience. Explore our new integration with Bitget today and start your journey, taking your trading experience and skills to the next level.