Deliver better results with automated signal following

Trading Group Admin

Streamline group management

Trading Group Admin

Generate more income

Trading Group Admin

Simple plug-and-play integration

Empower users with effortless signal following

  • Enable members to copy and execute strategies automatically the moment you share a signal.
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  • Create advanced trading configurations your members can use to maximize their profits and minimize risk.
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  • Post and share results in seconds.
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Grow your passive income

  • Get exposure to new users on Cornix’s Marketplace - grow your member count and income.
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  • Join Cornix’s affiliate Program to generate a revenue from your referrals.
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Keep signals exclusive

Cornix’s Anti-Leak technology prevents users from stealing your signals and publishing them in other groups.

Take group management to the next level

  • Manage your subscribers, easily add users, set expiration dates, grant/revoke access based on membership status and more. 
  • Create custom invite links with subscription parameters.
  • Edit on-going signals and review your signals history.

Ready for a better group management experience

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