Always buy and sell at the right time - automatically

Apply complex trailing configurations to your trades in one click.

What is “trailing”

“Trailing” is used when instead of placing a limit order for a certain price point - that price point is used as a trigger. The limit order for either the buy or sell order automatically adjusts according to the price action that follows the trigger being touched, allowing you to place the actual buy / sell order at a favorable price point.

Optimize your buys and sells

Maximize gains and limit losses with user-friendly trailing features.

  • Buy at the best price. Follow the price down and buy closest to the bottom.
  • Sell higher. Follow the price up, and sell when it starts dropping.
  • Customize your trading configurations anyway you want. Choose your risk level and set the default trailing entry, take-profit, and stop values.

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  • Great Trading view bot and support

    This bot have got very cool support and trading view bot systems I have used the trading view alert to take trades directly with my broker it is very fast and Sharp it execute trades at the exact trade price with no delay….

    Ayobami Akinlolu-ojo

  • I was interested to try DCA bots

    I wasn’t sure that it will work, but I checked reviews and read the info on the website, and decided to try and figure out is it really good or no? And now I am really glad to see my results and everything was easy to set up, thanks.

    Zhora Lavrenivenko

  • Best crypto trading platform i’ve tried

    I like their platform, works great on my iPhone so it’s always there and their web is great for when I need to see more at one. Super recommend.

    Hany Cohen

  • The best auto trading bot for crypto

    The best auto trading bot for crypto. I have been using it for a year now and I don’t want to change it for any other. Clear. Easy. Powerful. And the documentation and help service is great and fast. 10/10

    Rafael Roa

  • Cornix is the one and only BOT you need

    Cornix is the one and only BOT you need for trading crypto! Awesome tool to manual trade and automatically follow signals.

    Thierry Hamza

  • Cornix is Awesome

    Cornix is excellent and support is great. Cornix is now my default trading platform. I can no longer go back to trading manually. Well done Cornix.


  • Signal Provider onboarding XP: GREAT

    The onboarding as signal provider has been great with Ben and Cornix Team help and guidance. They are always happy to serve and help actively to achieve my main strategy goals and configuration.

    Eduardo Alcober

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