Cornix is an innovative crypto trading platform that works for everyone

Our platform enables experts to share signals with novices, and offers world - class bots and configurations to make crypto trading simple and profitable.

Empowering people everywhere to trade crypto successfully

Being a successful crypto trader is not easy. Crypto strategies can get very complex, tracking signals and copying trades manually is exhausting.

As traders ourselves, we learned the hard way that trading can quickly turn into a full-time job.

As tech experts, we set out to build a robust crypto platform without compromising on it being user - friendly, so that even the most inexperienced users can copy signals from successful traders automatically.

Our vision

Cornix will continue to grow as the go-to crypto trading platform for novices and pros everywhere.
Helping people access and profit from crypto trading with confidence and security.

Our philosophy

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Anyone can trade crypto

We want all people to have access to a user-friendly crypto trading platform.

Trading Features

Safety is our #1 priority

Every trader deserves to be confident that their hard-earned money is protected.

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Knowledge should be shared

At Cornix, we empower novices to copy expert traders in just a few clicks.

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