July 10, 2023

Maximizing Profits with Cornix’s Customizable Trading Bots and Features

When it comes to trading, it’s all about maximizing your profits while protecting your capital – that’s why we’re here. Removing the emotional aspect of trading and relying on cutting-edge technology to do the heavy lifting for you has been proven effective for millions of successful traders. When automation is added to the process, the possibilities are endless. 

Cornix is an automated crypto trading platform that enables traders from all backgrounds and experience levels to succeed. Our primary focus is helping our users maximize their profits through our various automated trading tools.

We offer various tools to support our traders in achieving this goal, from Dollar Cost Average (DCA) bots to Tradingview bots, with more bots coming soon, such as Grid and Signal bots. We are known for being one of the world’s signal provider marketplaces.  

We make it possible to minimize risk and make trading easier through our platform.


Performance and especially historical data on performance for a trader can be a holy grail regarding improvement and advancing their “career.”

Cornix is always going 24/7 and enables this support across all our platforms, including mobile devices. Enjoy our app and other features, such as our dashboard with advanced visualizations. View different statistics across different coins and more.

Our platform aggregates your entire portfolio across multiple exchanges, saving you time and energy from tracking them all down. We provide the data, you analyze it to fit your needs.

Track your trades and improve your strategy or methods to become as efficient as possible using our trade and performance tracker.

Cornix aims to accommodate the everyday trader’s journey by making things easy for them, including providing the necessary data and tools to do so.  

Copy Trading Bots

Regardless of one’s background and experience (or lack thereof), our copy-trading bots are powerful enough to fast-track a beginner to trading with the most expert-level strategies in the industry.

That’s because the trades provided to copy from are produced by experienced traders with proven track records. Our platform spotlights each trader’s performance history to let the public know whether or not they would be a good fit for them.

You can copy various strategies using different angles and approaches to technical analysis, down to the overall process, like our DCA bots.

DCA is a well-known investment strategy that has proven successful for investors for many decades. With our platform, you can create your own DCA bot and customize it to your trading style using your preferred indicators.

We also offer a DCA copy trading bot that allows you to edit the inputs and conditions. There are multiple DCA copy trading bots to choose from, all boasting different strategies and trading pairs fueled by various indicators. Whether you decide to customize your copy trading bot or search through the endless ones offered to find the one that best fits your “style,” there are plenty of options. 

Cornix streamlines this strategy and implements it into a trading and automated format providing the ultimate trading experience. 

Trading View Bots

Trading View is one of the most popular platforms traders use to chart their trades. They offer robust technical indicators and have established a name as perhaps “the” go-to site for performing technical analysis on assets.

Knowing this, Cornix supports integration with Trading View allowing traders to leverage the advanced alerts they may have created there – and connects it with our robust automated trading tools.

Whether you’re using your own alerts, pine scripts, or copy trading, there’s no reason our users shouldn’t have direct access to such a powerful platform, so why not combine the best of both worlds? 

Hedge Mode

One of the many positive aspects of Cornix’s tools and platforms is our various approaches to setting our users up for success. Everyone knows that the markets can change direction instantly. Since the cryptocurrency market is always open, we needed to implement as many features as possible to protect our traders around the clock with “hedge mode.”

Hedging is the process of opening two opposite positions within the same trade. For instance, you would open a long position if you believe Bitcoin is due for a breakout. However, to protect yourself “just in case” it does not trend in your favor, we have made it possible also to open a short position.

Whichever way Bitcoin decides to move, you will close the opposing position. If it breaks out to the upside, you will close your short position and vice versa. While you may be slightly red on that short, the upside gains in the long should cover that loss and increase your profit levels.

This has been considered an advanced strategy in traditional trading for decades. Still, Cornix has streamlined it and made it possible to implement for even the newest of traders easily. You shouldn’t have to expose your trading capital and bankroll to more risk than needed!

Breakout Trading

Trend confirmations are the “go flag” for traders. It lets them know that resistance (or support) has been broken and could be the signal that they have been waiting for to enter their ideal trade.

Waiting for trend confirmations is one of the most responsible ways of trading, and while it takes patience and self-control, the rewards can be immense. One error traders make is being too quick to enter a position just because it approached a level they had intended it to – whether that is to the upside or downside.

However, this can be a bit tricky as the momentum (for each direction) can cause the asset to continue in said direction until it settles and finds a resting place or “accumulation zone.” Often the cryptocurrency can “chop” around within this zone for some time, consolidating and building momentum before it gets ready for its next move.

Cornix has added a “breakout trade” feature into our tools, allowing a trader to set a buy (or sell) once a coin hits a specific level. This, in addition to the automated features of our trading tools, allows traders the freedom to place their attention elsewhere and not have to watch the screen 24/7 waiting for that move to happen. It gives the user peace of mind and confidence, knowing that if the price action moves in their favor, they won’t miss out on it. 

Advanced Trading

Each trader is like an artist, with the charts being their canvas. While the charts they look at display the same data, the lens they view it in, combined with the tools and techniques they use to apply technical analysis, is customized to them, providing users the freedom to customize their bots to fit their preferences is key to their success. 

Our advanced trading features allow users to customize trades to the finest details. From establishing multiple entries to setting various take-profit and stop-loss orders, get as specific and technical as you want using our advanced trading features.

While the most advanced traders often use such features and customizability, that doesn’t mean that they should be restricted for only them to use.  

The Cornix Edge

A trader is as only as good as their tools and resources are – and at Cornix, we deliver the best of both. By creating a platform that allows for customization, we aim to facilitate traders on their journey to success regardless of their background and experience. 

We take pride in not only supporting our users with the most cutting-edge tools and knowledge base, but we are also always here to assist and support them. Our website is filled with guides, tutorials, and other materials that thoroughly explain our products in an easily digestible way.

However, if additional assistance is needed, we welcome all to reach and connect with us where an actual human is on the other side of the screen waiting to provide you with all the guidance needed.

We welcome any questions – our support team is always here to help!